Monday, July 08, 2002

A Blog? Strange strange world.. I have to say, I find online journals, webpages, or internet musings to generally be the most narcissistic things in the world, as evidenced by a few pshyco-hose beasts and one ex-gf of an ex-gf. But yet here I am. The first entry. Why? I can't really say.
How many times can I ask The Cubadorian to tell me a joke online? The man is only so funny. (har har)
But on a more personal level, I have never ever been able to keep a journal for the strange fear that one day, someone, somewhere, would read the damn thing. So I would sit down to write and then find that I needed to fill in so much backstory to the daily events of my life that journal-keeping turned out to be a chore and I eventually would give up until something drastic happened and then restart five months later with many many precious events going unrecorded. I guess this is a lot of justification for a simple Blog.