Thursday, July 11, 2002

The morning busride-- again, the woman with one small sheet of purple note paper and one giant book. I sneaked a peak- she writes down page numbers in a nice cursive script and then seems to jot down a quote of some kind, followed by an ellipse... (like that) Perhaps she is simply taking notes for further note-taking later, when she isnt on a jostling, crowded bus. I am surprised by the number of people who read on the bus.

Roomy is leaving for the weekend! I will miss overanalyzing life with her.

Again- the armless girl, and she doesn't pay to ride! Unless she hold some kind of special pass in her mouth while entering that she shows to the bus driver, but I swear I heard her murmer thanks or something. She has very good balance, as the bus was moving and she deftly manuvered through the crowds and into a seat. Now i'm curious about where she goes and what she does. And really, her highlights are fantastic.

I was thinking, walking the usual way to work, that if I was a spy I would constantly have to find new routes to work, so as to confuse any double agents or enemy spies of my location. I would also have to consistently wear sensible clothing, since you never know when you might have to run for your life or fend off attackers. I suspect that all people in cargo pants may be spies-- pocket space for spy equipment would be a priority.