Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Tales of A Psycho Kitty:

The ex-roomate, who never actually was MY roomate, since I replaced her on the lease, finally moved out this weekend. (When did I move in, thats right folks, a WHOLE DAMN MONTH AGO.) But I digress. Now to be honest, I don't know what happened on moving day, I was here at work, probably blogging and wasting time per usual. But something happened. Something awful. Because it has driven our strange little neurotic cat over the deep end.

Yes, perhaps those of you who have met Psycho Kitty might argue that she was pretty close to deranged before- but you don't live with her. And in her special evil-mean-hissing-biting-scratching-no-touching-no-petting ways, she was quite affectionate. Now though, she refuses to even enter one half of the apartment, along with some pretty distrubing personality changes which I will spare you- you might get nightmares.

On a whim, Roomy, aka The Analyst and I moved her food and litter box into the half she is comfortable with. She shat and ate like 1000 times. Not kidding.

I will now relate the series of exchanges that took place about said cat this morning:

Me, on a note, to The Analyst: "Sorry for waking you.. I think the cat is lonely."

Me, five minutes later, removing previous note: "Unless it was one of you, the cat left a GIANT shit right in front of the door. I'm late for work."

The Analyst, just waking up, seeing me in front of the door trying to clean GIANT shit up: "I'm not surprised."

The Analyst, via email to me: "I called the vet--it sounds like you were right, saying that Psycho Kitty is scared of all the changes. There's probably a new smell in the kitchen and/or she heard a disturbing noise during ex-roomate's move. BUT, if her depression, or whatever it is, persists for another week or so, then I should take her in to get checked out."