Wednesday, July 24, 2002

A warning to all female pedestrians on Mass Ave walking to work in Cambridge wearing a skirt: Those metal grills are not the covers of storm drains, but air vents for T trains running underneath. Unless you want to experience a very Marilyn Monroe moment, DO NOT WALK OVER THESE METAL GRILLS WEARING A SKIRT. Or, at least make sure your undies are cute when you get dressed in the morning.

On the Psycho Kitty front-- she pooped in the litter box! She still won't enter one half the apartment, but I think we are making significant psychological breakthroughs now. The other roomate often complains about how unloving Psycho Kitty is, but she just doesn't know the specialness of our dear little neurotic cat. You don't pick her up, no no. You can pet her, if she's in the right mood, but only for a little while, and only in some places. She likes to attack feet, its cute! She doesn't bite that hard! She is not your average run of the mill lap sitting purr whore that most cats are, no she is our one and only crazy bitch and all it takes is a willingness to endure some damage to all exposed skin and a few scars to know how capable of love she is.

On the male companionship front- Cute History Major called! The Analyst is very excited about this, because she wants to get in on his friend group so we can expand our network of people to know and hang out with. Apparently, as we discussed on the phone, he likes jazz, but realizes this is pretentious and will no longer tell people about jazz because of the associations of prickishness which accompany people who tend to like jazz. I said in return that I often am quite turned off by people who publically declare that they only read books which are poignant and thought-provoking. I tend to immediately respond with "Really? Because I read a lot of crap. And I watch a lot of tv. And I read said crap and watch said tv quite voraciously. Do you know the difference between duality and dichotomy and how to use them appropriately in sentences?"