Thursday, July 18, 2002

Well. I will not speak of how my day is going or how I feel about my job, because that too may give some of you kiddies nightmares. I will only say, I really need a vacation, and I dont care that I only started working full time in June. I've changed the format of the page a bit- only 3 posts visible, everything else is found under the archives link. Also- added a guestbook! Glad to know I get paid for this shit!

Does this blog make me a "webmaster"? Could I get cards printed that said "M-- F--, webmaster with strong kung-fu"? I bet I could really score with cards like that.

I think I am in love with Armless Hipster Chick. This morning, I actually ran for the bus, which is pretty damn amazing considering my laziness. And there she was.. Her cute alterna-girl outfit, her black hair with blond streaks, her perfect hipster make-up, her lack of arms.. I can't even explain the emotions I experience when I see those empty sleeves. Today, I noticed that she always wears a cool messanger bag over her shoulders-- but she doesn't have arms!! Imagine the constant balancing act she must maintain in order to prevent the bag from shifting off of her torso. I long to tug on her empty sleeves and wrap my arms around her body like she can not do to me. The Other Half asked if she had stubs, and I must confess I just don't know because she always wears some sort of super-cool denim jacket or retro-cardigan over her shoulders, buttoned casually at the neck.

She is way cooler than me, and I have a nose ring, which adds 40% more coolness to my quota.

The funny thing about a nose ring, you can almost always strike up a conversation with anyone about it. People who want one, talk to me. People who have one, compare stories. People who used to have one, need to tell me so. Older people need to confess that it looks awfully painful. Then I tug on it, to gross them out.