Thursday, August 01, 2002

ahh the wonders of training all freakin day:
Watching the trainer get angry as people ask too many questions and make mistakes..
Drinking too much free coffee and wanting to run around screaming and shouting "time adjustor time adjustor nah nah nah"
Watching the intern read online comics and wondering where that site is.. ooohh X-men.
Hearing the instructor ask us to put our names on our feedback sheets and thinking HELL NO, because I have been polite but not nice.

Old Blue Eyes tells me that one day I will be old too. But I will never be old like him, as I am a 40 yr old 22 yr old and he is a 17 yr old 34 yr old. See how that works? Hopefully I will immature as time goes on, though there are already too many days when I feel no older than 13. A 13 yr old 40 yr old 22 yr old.

and the instructor just called me Francesca.. hahahahaha.