Monday, August 19, 2002

I would just like to say, The Analyst can now also confirm the existance of Armless Hipster Chick as now all three of us have ridden the bus together and seen each other.

I have been looking at toothbrushes recently. My roomate's is a complex device with color-coded parts and she swears, "if you aren't making out, its the next best thing." Also, the ex-roomate-who-never-really-goes-away has a toothbrush that literally stopped me this morning and demanded my attention. It was clear and blue and shiney, quite large and dominating. In a back-alley toothbrush war, this thing would kick some ass and not even break a sweat. What I don't understand is how something that big can fit in the girl's mouth (ba-dum-ching, "hey-oooo").

The cop who once gave me his email and phone number "just in case I wanted company on my next smoke break" has not been around. Yeah, I avoided that place like the plague for awhile, but I haven't seen him in weeks. I wonder if he got fired for giving out the police hotline number as his own personal pimp digitz.

"Hello, Police, what's your emergency?"
"Um like yeah, I'm looking for this guy who gave me this number. He's kinda tall, sandy hair.. not so good looking, but you know, its been a dry summer, so I'm not being too picky anymore."

I just finished a book where the main protagonist killed her boyfriends because she couldn't bring herself to hurt their feelings.