Thursday, August 22, 2002

Let us all celebrate the fact that this blog has reached the 500 mark on the site meter. If I knew it was more than just my mom, the Other Half, and the selected few other friends in my life, I might be more inclined to "whoop" or make some other popular noise of enjoyment. Maybe by 1000, it will merit a "bo-yah".

Lately I have had a difficult time saying things like, "I'm ok," or "Not too bad", "Just fine thanks" when people ask whats going on. I just don't feel like giving the world outside that level of satisfaction right now. Suck it world, I'm grumpy and malcontented as far as you are concerned! The world and I are not on good terms. I can't say we are breaking up, but we are definetly on a break. I'm just tired of all it's shit, you know? And that thing it does in the morning with the coughing and hacking? Its so gross!

Right now in the English department at a major university on the East Coast there is a young man screaming on the phone to his billing center about his change of address request.