Friday, August 09, 2002

A list of things people have said to me upon occasion:

The Cubadorian: Well, I wouldn't say you were a bitch, but you can be abrasive.

Dionysus, the Greek God of Theater: Sometimes I would say things to you that I thought were really deep and insightful, and you would just be like, "thats crap," and laugh at me.
(He actually is Greek and in the theater. I don't make this stuff up.)

An ex BFF from high school: You are too smart. It makes me self conscious and I feel like I can't say anything.

Mommy Dearest: You are a very insightful and intelligent person. Anyone who has known you, whether for a long time or a short period, always says that about you.

An ex- boss: You know, if you didn't want to go back to college, you could stay here at Large Department Store and work and be a manager someday. You could make, like, 30 grand, if you were a manager here.

A Doctor: You're not crazy. You're just not functioning normally.