Monday, August 05, 2002

Somebody tell me what my dream job is, cuz I can't figure it out. Is it weird not to have goals? I think when I went into college and thought, I'm gonna do what I love because its too damned expensive not too, I should maybe have planned ahead a little bit more.

Someone once told me that as a way to test prospective roomates, she asked, "What would you be if you could be anything?"
And the guy they ended up living with said, "An investment banker." But apparently, they needed to sublet right away, so..

Which reminds me of the time I remarked to Mr Jackass how I could never understand someone waking up one day and saying, "I want to be an accountant." It seems like the kinda job you get, but not the one you dream about. In that precise moment, he replied, "I'm an accounting major." But really, who the fuck wants to be an accountant, other than the kind of person who wants a job that will make them rich. Then, its not really about wanting to be an accountant, its about the money. History majors don't make money. I still ate foot that day,

Its just me and Purry McFurry in the apartment this week. I just wanted to say "purry mcfurry". The Analyst thought it up and its the funniest thing I have ever heard. I look at psycho kitty and think, Purry McFurry and suddenly the world is really really funny. She is still mean, but its ok.

My dad thinks that blogging is the new beat poetry. Apparently, I'm an artiste (as they say in France, tres cool.)