Tuesday, August 13, 2002

When watching a french action-adventure movie (impossible you say? See: La Femme Nikita) it is best to be sharing the couch with one's analytical roomate, both of you prostrate on each end and silently trying to comprehend the existance of a french movie with all that weighty weird french shit they love to put in their movies plus the added notion of action-adventure spy themes and violence. Expect some commentary and a period for question and answers when subtitles are not running.
It is then best to have, in a moment of complete silence, when one is totally involved in the idea of a french action movie, so engrossed perhaps that the concept of a french action movie is not so strange as it first appeared, to have said roomate suddenly declare into the weighty and yet violent silence created by the film:

"Sometimes, when I watch tv or whatever, I fantasize about brushing my teeth."