Tuesday, September 24, 2002

To my 5 readers who check this page frequently and make it seem like I have a lot of readers:

I am very sorry. I know, I know.. Where have I been? What has happened to the quality of my anecdotes on life? All I can say is how sorry I am, how deeply apologetic I am to your needs, and I can only add that I have a JOB which keeps me freakin BUSY and maybe you should look around YOUR damn office and find some shit to do and get off the INTERNET because its people like you that are driving our economy right down the damn toilet! Going to work and playing on the Internet! Shame! SHAME!

Just kidding folks. Not about the busy part, cuz I am. And I lost my sense of humor when a man sat down next to me on the bus and started farting so bad, but completly silently, that I almost died. No, there was no place to move too, the damn bus was crowded. Where was I? Oh yeah, kidding about the "you should be as busy as me" rant. Just foolin! Stay un-busy! Check the web page!

Love, Center of the Goddamn Universe and Always Will Be, shee-it.