Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I just realized somehow I lost all my links and my archive.. I will have to look into fixing this sometime when the University I work at isn't teetering toward massive financial failure and angry clerical and technical union members who have gone without pay for too long and are thinking of using office supplies in deviant ways.

For now, just know that there are special places out there in the Internet I want to share with you, but can't.

So I beseech you to take yourselves on an interneting journey. Look for Naughty Secretarys, look up Yummy things, try reading a new newspaper from perhaps the Capital City of the United States. Indeed, take yourselves places that you think you might not go but I would. Follow me monkeys! Follow me to places that contain tips on crafts and easy recipes, cheap second hand clothing and jewelry, "nused" cds and movies! Dedicate yourselves to finding out all you can about Tank Girl, The Legend of Billy Jean, Vin Diesel, The Donnas, the uprising in the middle ages of the strange and interesting Cathar sect in Southern France and it's affect on the Crusading movement during the first millennium, and other places that contain great info on various Foxy McFoxersons and other interesting stuff!!

My Universe is your portal to the world! Go kiddies, Go!