Friday, November 15, 2002

The Analyst has demanded that I blog something. I, however, have been quite busy posting personal ads on the internet and responding to various messages labeled "I am not a pervert" (I made the demand that no perverts were allowed to respond. Surprisingly, this actually did not backfire.)

News on the Armless Hipster Chick-- you thought she had gone missing! I thought I might never see her again! But while out of city limits, shopping at the french boutique Tar-jeh, WHO did I spot walking out of a sandwich shop with another hip looking bald headed tattooed male? YES! Armless Hipster Girl has made a triumphant return to my life!

In fact, its not a matter of her "gone fishin" these past few months, but my lazy ass not catching the early bus, as I have been informed by my fellow co-worker, school-mate, all around chum, and bus companion, Busty, who is now also in love with our armless gal. She confessed she too dreams of wrapping those empty sleeves around herself, clasping her to her ample bossom and running through fields of grass with butterflies and poppys sparkling in the summer sun.

Also, now that we both have seen her, and whilst riding buses back and forth to work, we find ourselves caught in an endless spiral of questions about our beloved armless one. How did she get the cool hat on? How does she take it off? How does she eat? How does she pay for food? And then, the stunner-- she doesn't even have a signature! How does she try on clothes in cool shops that sell hipster clothes and then put it on her credit card with NO SIGNATURE!!!!!!!!

You see, when you least expect it, life offers the strangest and most wonderful things.

Especially on the bus.