Monday, November 04, 2002

The center of the universe has gone unwritten, but not unnoticed, for quite some time now.. Mom, friends, cousins of friends.. I do so very much apologize. Things at work have been cra-zee and I also got a new office companion, which makes doing odd things on the internet not related to work a leeetle bit harder to accomplish.

However, I enjoy the presence of my new office companion, The Jamaican Lady, and cannot regret having her around. She tells me funny stories and then talks to her common-law husband in her patois so that I will not understand.

Ever notice how non-primary-english speakers tend to speak in their different-than-english-primary language a lot when out in public? Maybe you'll be on the bus and you'll hear the beginnings of a conversation which all of a sudden switch into a language you cannot understand. A lot of spanish speakers do this. I know. I understand spanish and therefore am privy to the secrets being yelled at the tops of lungs which are not mean for me (doing to the horrible assumption that as a "whitey" I don't know whats what. But I know.. oh yes, I know..)

Horrible news gentle readers: The Analyst is no longer an active roomate. However, as her and I are practically married, we will be conversing quite often and I suspect her presence will be felt in the universe regardless of her actual location.

And Yoni, I don't care what some computer science geeks down the hall from you said about catching bullets. This is physics, pure and simple.. Something in motion can be stopped by something not in motion, but to have something in motion CAUGHT or NUDGED slightly by something not in motion is complete ridiculousness. Your hand + bullet= hole in your hand.
Also, your just mad because I refused to purchase beverages on a week night. However, I have now received permision from your sister that a week night should be for school work anyways. So there. Pbbbtt.

Thought of the moment: People who mention that "anyways" is not actually a word should be dragged to the street and shot for insubordination.

Sollipsism. Does anyone know how to spell and/or what this word means?

Today's entry has been brought to you by the letter R, for utter randomness. Thats what you get when I am knee-deep in crap at work and not doing too much better in the personal life department either.