Friday, March 14, 2003

LaunchCast, that great waster of corporate and non-profit work related time, has found us out.

Its been down all day.

And now, apparently, some changes have been made.

You can no longer skip and skip and skip to rate the songs you like. You can only skip 5 times in a hour. 5 TIMES!!! ONE HOUR!! WHATS THAT? If you join their members-only club, which you pay for, you can freely skip (irony).

Those devious bastards!

I'd like to apologize and say maybe it was my fault, for the blog, but then I'd only have my mom, a few friends, and skinny P to blame. (Skinny P can be counted as a friend actually, but its nice to be able to throw out a real nickname like that, as if all my friends were "Ace" and "Stubby"). And I know none of them would go to Yahoo and commit this horrendous crime. Damn Yahoo! Damn damn damn them!