Thursday, March 27, 2003

A list of the things I have just simply noticed lately:

1. Smoking a cig on my porch, a young man carrying groceries running like hell down the median, looking over his shoulder as if to catch the train at the next stop. He runs out of view. A few puffs later, a cab comes to a halt in the middle of the street, the door opening even as it is stopping, the young man runs out, and begins the whole process again-- running down the street, looking back past him as if for a train, and out of view. I finished my smoke and wondered if he was obsessive compulsive and had to repeat and repeat the same action.

2. At a posh french restaurant held in an Inn that George Washington used to visit, a older gentleman. An older gentleman with his hair pomaded, a scarf tied around his neck like a cravat (cravat? see ye olde time fashion for men), a white collared shirt, a vest, and a suit jacket. Made me want to say things like, "cheerio", "ugh, the middle classes", and "what? ghastly stuff, that."

3. A spam email entitled "MFreckleton, get what you need from the web (valium)".

4. Overheard mock argument between my roomate and her man.
Her: "You've farted on me like 10 times today!
Him: "Well you farted on me like 10 and a half!"

5. Armless Hipster Chick always catches the early bus, to get to somewhere by 9, like the rest of us early morning busers. But I have never never seen her return on any of the post 5 pm buses. Whatever she does, its either part time, or really long shifts. It took me until yesterday to realize I always see her going, but I have never seen her coming back...

6. The growing phenonmena of women's sweat pants with some cutsey message on the ass, like "juicy' or "ski bum". The roomates and I have decided to be "Fat Cow", "Hefer", and "Bubble butt."

7. Had my first martini ever yesterday. It was a chocolate one. Realized that if I bought the tools and ingredients, I would never leave the house- but constantly have chocolate martinis and cigs.