Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Right now, there is a man in a tractor holding the Washington D.C. area hostage.

He towed his tractor into Consitution pond, near the Lincoln and Washington Memorial (no not the big one-- thats called the "reflecting pool", dumbasses).

He's protesting tobacco legislation. He claims to have expolsives. He is sitting in a John Deere tractor in a shallow pond, in army fatigues, flying an upside down American flag anda flag with tobacco leaves, blaring his lights, surrounded by Park police, in the middle of DC.

Apparently, people are really upset about how this is affecting the morning commute.

And the best part.. all of this is true. see:

I'm pretty upset about the prices of cigarettes these days too. I mean, there is nothing else going on in the world right now that could really be that much more important.