Thursday, March 06, 2003

So, the Universe has been spinning according to direction and things have been travelling along for awhile now in a comfortable pattern. Many of you already know this, but for the past three months, 90 days exactly, the Cubadorian has been working in my office in a temp position. Yesterday was his last day.

Here is his tribute:

To perhaps the only man who could sit in the same office with me, 7 hours a day, two and half feet of desk between us, and not go crazy-- I salute you. You are one of the few, the brave, or the recklessly stupid.

To the stupid jokes you told, most of which you blatantly stole off the Onion, and the way you read the latest wrestling information to me off the internet like I cared- the Universe is slightly glad you aren't here any more.

To letting me fling paperclips at you when I was bored- Congrats, you big wussy. I own your ass!

For answering the phone when I didn't want to, doing shit work I gave you, letting me take a nap and waking me up, surfing the internet for hours and hours and hours, using the phone line for personal calls, and wasting time with me-- the University that paid you (and me, still) is a big sucka! Congrats to the both of us for taking their money!

And for the past 90 days of all around office shennanigans, wasted time, silly database work, moments of pure hilarity, and the hours we spent ignoring each other looking at stuff on the internet-- its just not the same doing all that by myself.

So everyone who's drinking right now, raise your glass to the Cubadorian. He might be white, but he is one bad ass mutha-fucka.