Monday, March 31, 2003

Today is my first experience working in an administrative office where actual students and professors come to my door and talk to me about financial matters.

Professors and students are some of the stupidest people in the world.
At least, when it comes to how a university runs. How financial transactions at a university, which are the backbone of the entire system, and keep everyone paid, and happy, run.

I actually had to call another office to find out a professor's balance and limits on his credit card. Because the man could not dial the 1-800 number on the bottom of his statement himself.

Here is our conversation:

Him: "Hi, your the new person?"
Me: "Yeah, temporarily. [big smile for customer service, firm hand shake]"
Him:"So I can give you this statement and my receipts and everything?"
Me: "Thats the position I'm filling here, yes."
Him: "Do you think you could find out the balance for me on this card?"
Me: Looking at word BALANCE on statement. "What do you mean?"
Him: "Well, do you think you could find out how much more I can spend on it? Like, the balance."
Me: "Its a credit card. You can spend up to your limit"
Him: "I know. I just made these purchases here, see? [pointing to word BALANCE] So I was wondering how much I had left."
Me: "Its a credit card, there are no budgeted amounts on it...[long awkward pause] I could find out what your limits are, I guess"
Him: "See, I remember my limits when I first got it."
Me: "Uh huh.."
Him: "But I need to know how much I have left. How much money I have on it."

Me, in my head: Its A CREDIT CARD YOU STUPID IDIOT. You DONT HAVE money on it or in it or in a special secret account no one else has. There is no difference of funds! There are NO FUNDS! Its not real money! Its a CREDIT card! YOU HAVE CREDIT! TO A CERTAIN AMOUNT! Called your LIMIT!

CRE-DIT. Spelled kind of like CRE-TIN, but DIFFERENT. MORON!

Me, out loud: "Sure, I'll take that and look into it, whats your email?"