Thursday, April 03, 2003

Dear God,

Its me, Center of the Universe. Recall? Our special relationship has not been so special lately. In fact, I feel rather un-center of the universey. I feel puny, put out, and peon-like. Whats going on up there? Yesterday I bought myself a cake, and all I got was a stomach-ache.

It had better not be the flu, God, or we are really gonna have to re-evaluate some things.

Actually, lets have a discussion, because I am rather pissed off right now.

First off, today I'm on the phone, trying to reconcile some pretty irreconcilable data (whats that?), and the woman complains about "that horrible music playing in the distance over there.. what is that?!" It was SQUEEZE!!! "Pulling Muscles From a Shell"!!! Such a great song! I mean, there's no accounting for taste, but some things are a little on the sacrosanct side, you know? I mean, of course You know, but you would think that You would make some of that knowledge a little more widespread. Like a gene or something that knows how to recognize classic 80s songs for their worth and not just have everyone play "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" when you request some new wave or mod at a bar.. Jeez.

My life post-college isn't quite what I expected, either. First of all, there's work. Its either so boring in here I could cry for a nice spreadsheet, or I'm completly overwhelmed and running in so many directions, my fingertips hurt from pounding the keyboard. Wanna spread it out a bit? Even up? And seriously, lets get on the free candy thing. There needs to be more free candy, in general, in this world.

And, while we're on it- why can't I remember the word that is the antonym for esoteric? This has been bugging me for almost a month. I know there is word out there that is usually used in conjuction with esoteric, to compare and contrast-like, and I fuh-reakin can't remember it! The Cubadorain actually got me on "isoteric" because I thought that was it and its not even a word! You know how I hate for him to win!

But even moving beyond just me-- lets just open this conversation up a little bit to some bigger issues while I've got you here.
J-lo and Ben? C'mon.

I mean, come on. Ridiculous.

Listen buddy, I'm tired, and I'm a little sad, and usually, I walk around feeling fed up and ironic about everything (irony= the difference between how things are percevied and how things are. If I feel ironic then is it what I perceive of reality, or is it reality itself?? Ooohh mind-fuck), and thats just fine with me. Rather pleasant, actually. However, occasionally, I take a look around at things here in the world lately, and I understand why you might wanna hide from it. There is a lot of filing thats just been sitting in piles, but man, it isn't all gonna just go away because you ain't lookin! Start sorting! Collate already! I think, if I can speak metaphorically, which I obviously can because its my universe dammit, we could all use a little "data reconciliation", if you know what I'm sayin.

I'm just putting this stuff out there for you. Feeling the vibe, if you will.

But in the meantime, if you try to contact me and can't seem to find me, its because I've taken the cat and made a run for the border. I think that her and I could use some Mexican sunshine and I hear there is a good market for beer cozies in aztec print out there.

Hollah back,