Thursday, April 24, 2003

I now officially stand for GRAFT and CORRUPTION.

I am worse than the robber barons of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Ok, maybe not that bad, as I am not making a fortune off of the misfortune of others or own a gigantic house out on the Breakers filled with replicas of grecian columns in the tea room.

But I am making my money by
1. Not doing any work at work
2. Not going to work and getting paid.

Today is a non-work work day. So far, I have played computer games, web surfed, gone shopping on my lunch break, and I even came in an hour early. The only work related things I have done so far is read my email, sort some paperwork off my desk, and left a message for someone.

Yesterday was a not going to work work day. I called in sick. I wasn't really, I was just tired. I spent the whole day with Seizure Dude (he chose the name, not me), eating chocolate chip pancakes and seeing a movie for free. Graft. I get paid for sick days.

Corruption. Monday, I told someone I had a rescheduled appointment, usually on tuesday afternoons, and left early. I had no appointment this week. But no one at my office, or the other office I was at knew that. Tuesday, I purposefully had my lunch at my desk so I could leave an hour early. I wasn't doing work. I just sat there with my lunch.

Last night, I went to bed at 5, woke up at 8, went back to bed at 10. That is actually niether graft or corruption, but its near neighbor, laziness. It could be mono. Or I could be really bored.

This week is a wash. Hopefully next week some semblance of the good person I used to be will return and I can walk tall, instead of scurrying to the bus stop, hoping no one sees me.