Friday, April 18, 2003

So. Emotional Blog. Lets move past that now.

Two days ago I had a birthday. I woke up a little early, thinking I would score some of that awesome comp time, when my cell phone begins ringing. "Home" it says. Not home where I live with two knucklehead roomates and one crazy cat, but home home, where my parents are. At 8 o'clock in the damn morning, all I could think was 'someone is dead or ON FIRE RIGHT NOW'.

But actually, it was my birthday. My parents singing "Happy birthday you look like a monkey and smell like one too" reminded me (aren't they great!). And the universe came together to give me a pretty damn good day.

My roomates bought me socks and underwear (just in time! That laundry is piling up). It sort of reminded me of Christmaseseses past where my grandma would buy me socks and undies, but these weren't printed with little barbies so, all in all, it was a nice gift.

Last night, in a continuation of the birthday festivities (basically, I like to give myself the whole month to celebrate) I went out and saw a new band, I went to house party- the kind with shitty light beer and people standing around smoking-- tres college days. AND- best news of all, I saw one of the bus regulars playing GUITAR and SINGING at an open mike deal at the same venue we were at for the band.

I don't think I have mentioned this guy before. Tall, big Elvis Costello glasses, used to have funky hair that stuck straight up and also was plastered to his head in odd places, until he shaved it. Kinda hulking, especially with the shaved head. Stares at me.. because obviously, we have been riding the bus together for about a year, but we make no outward sign of this. We had one conversation when there was a traffic accident and the bus pulled over on a side street.

Him:"Whats going on maaaaan?"
Me: "Accident. The street is blocked."
Him: "Oh man! Good thing I woke up, right?"
Me:"Um, yeah"
Him: "Shit, man, I gotta run."

So there he was, bus guy, playing the same chord, singing about being ugly and lost in love, to the crowd.
It was an amazing moment- to see the Odd Bus Guy share his heart and soul with me thro lyrical verse and a cover of the theme song to the Golden Girls.

It is now my life's purpose to be his muse. I will ride the bus with such an air of enigma that he will not be able to stop himself. His next performance will be dedicated to "that weird girl on the bus who stares at me yet I am inexplicably drawn to her air of enigma"

Hopefully, I will be there to see it. It can't have just been coincedence. Odd Bus Guy and I, we have a connection, and now, we both know he plays acoustic guitar and sings young hip ironic songs about the neighborhood.