Tuesday, June 17, 2003

If any of you have been noticed some technical difficulties with the page lately, it was because of the damn 'comment' link-- which no one really uses anyway, but I keep up in hopes that some day in the future one of my blogs will spark some sort of lengthy and excellent side conversation. Or at least, everyone who views the page will say something about it. ( Probably along the lines of, "Hey, you suck, get off the internet!")

Now I have switched blogout scripts, and I am sorry to say, lost what was said recently. My apologies to those who did take the time to communicate, but that old one was a piece of shit and was screwing with my web page.

And thats all I really have to say.

Except that there is this co-worker of mine, who wears sort of nice suits to work, but then pairs them with these teva sandal things (they ARE tevas, but they seem to be a more "feminine" model) that just seem entirely inappropriate. I really want to wear my flip flops to work- and they aren't your run of the mill plastic flip flops- their classy and cute. But I know that there would be a lot of murmuring should I do that. Speaking of work-clothes, at the big department meeting, my boss said no jeans, and I realized that the women I work with just wear black jeans, as if they were black pants. But they aren't. Jeans are jeans, dammit. And black jeans are such a bad fashion choice. I think a good pair of low slung, flared, hipster jeans with black velvet flip flops is better looking than black jeans and tevas. Why is the world so upside down?