Thursday, June 26, 2003

Mmmm.. really busy at work these days. Yesterday, I spent 9 hours here. And I knew that when I left I still had a lot to do, but for some reason I am having a really hard time remembering what it all was..
I think its my subconcious mind, working to undermine my job security because it knows that I am destined for GREATNESS and not accounting.

Accounting is the exact opposite of greatness.

These past two weeks I have spent too much of my time entering invoices into a P.O. program for the Chemistry department. Check each invoice for number, po, date, total amount, and address. Enter into system, press submit, approve the submit, start over. 50 to a batch. I realized about 3 or 4 batches into it (150-200 pages of numbers, pos, dates, total amounts and addresses) that entering invoices into a PO program was definetely not only the job I was doing at the time, but concurrently happening down below in a minor level of Hell. The kind of punishment made for those people who inherited wealth and did nothing with it but blow, satin sheets, and dead whores.

Type type type, check check check, enter, click, and repeat-- FOR ETERNITY, YOU WASTREL, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA- says the guy with horns and a hooves.

Great googly mooglies!

I had no reason to say that last thing, I just felt like it. Maybe I'll shout it out on the bus today. Great Goooooogly Mooooggglliieeeess!!!!! and then do something else equally crazy so that someone else will be able to tell a story about ME the crazy bus person, instead of the other way around. Wont that be ironic. For me. Not them. From their perspective, it will just be crazy. Right. I'm done now.