Monday, July 21, 2003

Archives- back on.

On to rambling statements about the universe.

I've been thinking a lot about what I said before- "Accounting is the opposite of Greatness" (I don't know where I said it, go look for it, lazy).

What I've really been thinking is, what is greatness?

I think we would all agree its not being in Hollywood- even Shannon Dougherty made it in Hollywood for awhile, and she ain't that great. I don't think its being really rich either- reference, Donald Trump, bad toupee.

Its certainly not in politics, no reference needed.

Greatness isn't the things that we see reflected back to us in media or the MTV movie awards as greatness, it isnt the flash and fizz of being, basically, the most supremely popular kid at school. Maybe it used to be intellectuals and stuffy philosophers who refused to write in a simple style and made things difficult for all college freshmen to follow them, but no one gives a fuck about that any more, unless you are Oprah. Oprah is the new philosophy.

Greatness, greatness, greatness. It keeps drumming in my head. I had a thought though, that maybe greatness is a fullness of being. That might be grammatically awkward, but maybe greatness is in essence being the very essence of a human being. Its completeness. And in that respect, maybe greatness rides the bus, or walks down the street, or sits in the cubicle every day and no one, or very few, see it. Who wants to admit that greatness may just be found in a common life and not in a movie star? Greatness is just as possible for those we hold in reverance, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Joan Jett, who do change the currents of the world, as it is for your neighbor, or the person making coffee at Dunkin Donuts?

And what, in the end, does that mean? I can be a great accountant, or I can have greatness and be an accountant too, or in having greatness the accountant-cy of me as a human being matters just as much as anything else that makes for the whole being which is me at greatness.

I think I am talking in circles. I'm thinking in circles, clearly.

I have a hard time knowing when to use "that" instead of "which".