Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I drank day old coffee twice in two weeks.

The stupid thermos thingy in the office keeps it just warm enough for me to think, mm coffee.. and if there is an unpleasant taste to it, I chaulk it up to the vagaries of human error. Not everyone can make coffee. (Like, say, everyone British).

But then I go back for my second cup (the first one at home no longer counts. It gets me on and off the bus and thats it. The recycled air and fake florescent lighting of the office routine create a fiendish need for more and more caffiene until one is completely tweeked out and trying to hide it from one's co-workers).
And that second cup is steaming hot, vapor rising off the top, smell wafting, and all that shit.

And I think, goddam, that is the second time I have drunk day old coffee.