Thursday, August 14, 2003

This morning, my phone rang, which in itself is shocking at 8 AM, and it was my doctor, rescheduling the appointment (that I had completely forgotten about) for today.

So, thinking I had a little more time than usual, I went online, made a few calls, did work related things.

By the time I get halfway to the bus stop I very clearly see the 8:30, leaving on time, can you believe it, without my ass in one of those seats. So now I start power walking, knowing full well I'm late, going to be late-er, and will end up sweaty, flustered and grumpy.

Then, along the way, I see my grocery store nemesis sitting outside of an apartment, smoking a cigarette. Horrible! This punk-ass kid lives on my block! The reason that I hate him is one day, tra la la, I was buying some food stuffs, and was forced to listen to a conversation between him (on register), another guy (bagging), and a girl (on register). The girl was arguing about some point, when all of a sudden the other dude said something about arguments with women. You can never be right.

If that wasn't bad enough, the little shit nemesis of mine added his own view on women, saying something along the lines of, "Women argue because like, they want your attention. They argue just to make it hard for us, man. When you get in an argument with a girl man, you just have to say she's right and even then she'll argue with you! And then you gotta crawl around, trying to make it up to them, because its all a mind game. Ha hahaha ha ha."

He is the kind of man that makes my fallopian tubes get tied up in a knot. AND THEN HE DARED TO GIVE ME A "HEY WHATS UP?" KINDA LOOK. Yes, please, tell me I am incapable of rational thought and then proceed to try and flirt. Its such a turn on.

I have made it my mission since then to either not be in his line, ever, or if forced to- shit all over his life as much as possible during our grocery related time. Once, I bought cat litter in his line, and he made a joke about teaching his own hypothetical cat to use the toilet, man, because heaving this stuff around sucks. Thats right, he remembered me, and was trying AGAIN to "hook it up". I gave him a look that should have withered his balls for even opening his mouth and also let him know he was completely retarded. Then, when he tried to put the large plastic container in a bag, I flatly told him, "Don't waste my time" and grabbed it by the handle and left.

Thats right, don't waste my fucking time. Respect the uterus or get the fuck out of the way.