Tuesday, September 16, 2003

A few random things:

*Anyone else noticed the sudden popularity of those hepa filter face masks? I have officially seen 4 people wearing them. In order- 2 in an airport, 1 riding a bike down the street, 1 taking a stroll on my block.

Personally, I think that, unless you have some sort of terrible illness or allergy to the entire natural world, you should just suck it up (punny!) and die like the rest of us in the event of poisonous gas.

*Update on Armless Hipster Chick: She is a man-stealing sex fiend! Local eyewitness report knowing a girl who lost her boyfriend to a girl with no arms. The Analyst and I almost shat ourselves, respectively, when a Q&A period following this tidbit confirmed that the armless seductress was indeed our own AHC!

It apparently has something to do with the fact that her "hugs" can only be done with her legs. And yes, more has been said about how much she does with her feet. Watch out ladies, this gal is not to be trusted!

*I think I have realized that my calling in life is to open and run a local video store. There is one right down the block from my house, its small- and everything is done oh-so-wrong. The whole place is sort of dingy, there are no posters or pictures of movie stars, or cheesy film-looking wallpaper, the sci-fi section is about 5 movies in total, and the shelves are mysteriously sorted and not labeled. The fierce desire to rearrange was very hard to fight.

Also, I walked the entire "Top Sellers" aisle, and only found about 3 movies I hadn't seen.