Monday, September 29, 2003

Hey! Good news! I found one person in the entire internet who has a link to my blog!

Here's to Sweet Chuck and his obvious good taste in blog-reading..

And now on to a different subject entirely.

All of YOU are terrible terrible blog readers. I have struggled and labored over the comments link. I have suffered the indignities of multiple site memberships, rejections, line error problems, and even such bad code that the entire site collapsed and had to be manually fixed. I have hard coded, copied and pasted, removed, republished and eventually just given up on commenting all together. But lo!- I thought to myself, how can I deny my friends and family (and now Sweet Chuck) the wonderful ability to talk back to me.

And not a single one of you does.

I'm opinionated, obstinate, hard headed, pig headed, crude, a potty mouth, and a pain in the ass. And every day you have the chance to tell me exactly that! But do you? No!

You have the chance to talk about your own lives, write your own mini-blogs-- hell, just write "Center is a poopyhead and I rule!" without me being able to do a damn thing about it. But do you? NO!

You are all of you fools.

And just because I love you and have already given so much, I will now compile a short list of other sites that you should visit to see how varied and wonderful commenting can be, if you make it.

Tower of Hubris


The choice is in your hands now, mom, dad, assorted friends and chucky. Do what you will. I've said my peace and thats all I'm gonna say.