Thursday, October 02, 2003

I hate my job. Sometimes. And this is one of those times.

Once again, I am in the chemistry department- which, for being involved in science, has the worst computers, lighting, ergonomics, and office organization I have ever seen. And once again, I am plugging in numbers, re-checking them against hardcopy and hitting "approve".

The boss man in this office, a dude who wears Hawaiian shirts and has a Harry Potter Hogwart's Banner on his door, a fu-man-chu mustache and additional beard thingy, and a booming voice, seems to like to call old friends and chat with them on the phone about how long its been since they last saw each other.

How many old friends can one person have? I come here once I week, and I always overhear him chat chat chatting away like a "old woman" (his words, natch) with someone somewhere, who is always unable to meet him for lunch at any time during the week.

So, I hypothesize that he does not indeed have old friends, but has no friends, because he is annoying and even the people who know him don't want to hang out with him. Lets see if I can apply the scientific method and prove my hypothesis to be a valid theory. The scientific method, if I recall, is make a hypothesis, test it, record observations. change or re-evaluate hypothesis, test, observe, chat with friends behind teacher's back, wear uncomfortable goggles that leave marks on forehead, test and evaluate hypothesis for theoretical value.

Hypothesis: Doesn't have friends.

Test: Eavesdrop on phone conversations.

Observation: He annoys me. He talks on the phone loudly. He saws things like, "heeey buddy! long time huh? ha ha ha" and "jeez, we work probably 15 minutes away from each other and can't get together for lunch! ha ha ha"

Second Hypothesis: No one likes him because he is annoying, leading to the friendless state he is in.

Test: Eavesdrop on interaction with other staff in office.

Observation: Staff laughes "oh haa. ha. eh. yeah" when he makes a comment. He still annoys me. He made a bad joke about me being a traveling computer expert. I laughed in manner reminiscent of staff. "Oh yea. Heeeaa. Ha. eh yea."

Conclusion: He is annoying and no one likes him, not even the people he refers to on the phone, loudly, as his friends.

Second Conclusion: I am sitting at a desk where everyone can read my monitor over my shoulder and am obviously not clicking approve as I should be. Must cease action immediately.