Tuesday, October 14, 2003

My balonga has a first name, its j-e-s-u-s-c-h-r-i-s-t-I-c-a-n-t-f-i-n-g-b-e-l-i-e-v-e-i-t!

I never blogged on what I can't f-ing believe, because it was rather personal, extremely painful, and all around none of y'alls bizness.

But, now that I have been touched by the gods, I have decided that sharing does mean caring, and you're all invited to Love-Fest 2k+3.

Because because beacaaaauuuuse- my crazy, weird, neurotic, changling cat, who has been missing since September 6th, is NOW BACK HOME!

During all the craziness of my move to the new apartment, Kobi the Nutball somehow got loose and disappeared. I checked and re-checked every single nook and cranny in my apartment, two or three times over. I wandered around the basement, left food out, combed the yard, walked the streets, calling out in a high pitched voice and making kissy noises.

I papered three blocks with signs. I even wrote heart-wrenching letters entitled "Dear Neighbor" and left them in people's mailboxes. I called every shelter, and went on three buses when told that there were two cats resembling mine at the MSPCA. (Two cats with tortoise shell-patterned fur, double paws, and large green eyes? Two cats with whiskers which are white on one side and black on the other, two years old and responding to Kobi? No, 2 torties and one was a kitten.) I became part of cat mailing lists and organizations, I received advice from total strangers, I did everything I could and still blamed myself, still hated myself, still felt that if I had just dont something at some point, none of it would have happened. And then.


My mother, visiting the new digs with my pops, is standing out on the back porch, looks over, and there she is.. The cat, sitting in the sunshine, looking up at her like nothing was up.
I ran for shoes and cat treats, flew down the stairs, and then spent an hour crawling through an open basement in the next door neighbor's house with my dad, not finding the cat.
A half hour later, I go back to lay out a blanket and food just in case. I drop some of the Iams, and am picking it up off the floor when I glance up and see a kitty right in front of me, "meow-feed me- meow"!

It is the most unbelievable thing that has ever happened in my life to date. Kobi, my scaredy cat, is now a wonderful ball of fluffy kitty love. She even lets strangers pet her.

Now, I have been asked if I am angry at her, if I cried, if I am happy, if I am overjoyed, etc. And to tell you the truth - I am none of these things. I am petting my cat again, seeing her in my room, on my bed, knowing that she is right around the corner, giving her treats, I am unafraid of the pet aisle at CVS again, I am watching tv with her, getting scratched by her, clipping her talons, shooing her off the kitchen table, and rubbing her cheeks til she purrs. I am an action verb and she is the reason for it.