Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Um, I bought an entire anime series on Amazon. Cowboy Bebop. I couldn't say no! It was three DVDs for 28 bucks! And, well, I really like the series.

I like anime.

There. I've said it. Now that I have joined NetFlix I no longer have to wait for things to come to pay per view- but can watch anything at any time I want! Freedom! No more knowing glances from the video store man!

Tuck Everlasting? On the list. In fact, in the top twenty.

Best Little Whore House in Texas? Who can resist Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds singing and swinging? Not me.

Bulletproof Monk? Well I watched half of the Tuxedo and have seen the Fast and the Furious oh, twenty times, so I might as well admit that I like stupid mindless action drivel.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie? Actually, my curious nature only goes so far when it comes to teen pop movies. I might tune into the show- but it will be a cold day in hell before I watch the movie before it comes to cable.

You know what else is really embarrassing? Part of the side effect of coming off of Klonipin (side effects when you take em, side effects when you don't!) is that I can't seem to speak English anymore. I forget entire words. And all their synonyms. So I stand there, part way into a sentence, and then have to take a long pause while I desperately try to come up with another word for "prescription" (damn CVS!) and while I'm thinking, my mouth decides to stutter and I'm stuck in this terrible moment, eyes looking toward the ceiling for answers, brain racing, sweating with increased anxiety, and stuttering. I feel so proud.

When you appear to be slightly retarded, people get super obnoxious. Instead of patiently waiting for me to try and complete my sentence, or perhaps switch to a newer easier one, they jump right into the void and try to speak for me. But they are speaking for me to themselves, which obviously isn't going to work. So there I am, stuck on "prescription" at the so-called private CVS pharmacy booth and the damn intern answering my question jumps in with something about insurance. Or aromatherapy. And then, recall me in this moment-- stuttering, sweating, brain racing etc etc, I have to try and not only finish the original sentence, but correct the moron talking for me to himself to me.

Good times, good times.