Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Well, I haven't really made this very public but my life has gone to COMPLETE SHIT since August 31st. The first terrible thing was the move on September 1st. The most recent terrible thing is finding out- yesterday- that one of my eardrums isn't beating very well, thereby informing the just-out-of-med-school sissy, I mean Doctor, that yes indeed, where there is ear pain, there is an ear infection.

And now- for your reading pleasure- a dramatic yet truthfull re-inactment, if you will, of

Me: My ear hurts. I think I have an ear infection

The Doctor Who Looked like a Chick You Would Normally See in a Bar, Drunk, Sitting Next to a Guy Wearing a Nike Visor Sideways: No, I don't see anything wrong. You must have TMJ.

Me: I only clench my jaw during the day.

Her: --if you go to your dentist you can get this awesome mouth guard-- I have one, and I sleep with it every night! Its the coolest! You wear it to sleep!

Me: I saw my dentist a few months ago. He said nothing about any signs of grinding or tooth damage.

Her: I'm going to blow air into your inner ear to test how well your eardrum works. It won't hurt.

Insertion of ear microscopy thing--- without any kind of sterile cover at all, even though they were in a nice little caddy on the wall next to the mircoscopy deal (I realized too late)!-- pumping of air into ear, followed by subsequent involuntary jerking and twitching of my ENTIRE BODY due to "painless" puffs of air being blown against my ear drum.

Her: Oh, that one isn't working well. We could go with some antibiotics, or we could do nothing. I could go either way on it.

Me: I'll go with the antibiotics, thanks. Remember when I said its hurting? Yeah. I want that to stop.