Friday, December 12, 2003

Excuse me while I kill that bitch

On Monday, someone called in a question. A difficult question. No one knew the answer to it. I certainly didn't. So I made some calls to different offices, asked around- and decided the best way to try and get a good answer was to send an email to the top.

The email traveled everywhere, reached everyone, and everyone put in their two cents. As responses filtered in, I forwarded them to my client, to make sure that she was kept up to date and had all the information. I called her on the phone, let her know who I was waiting to hear from, deleted the copies and copies of the previous emails left with every forward, the address chains, I sent thank you's to people who took the time to respond, and did my effing job.

I was out sick on Thursday.

I come in today to find an innocuous little email in my inbox.

My evil arch enemy, my co-worker, my supposed team mate, sent this little jem to the client I was working with:

"In case you never saw the exciting tangle of e-mail that was sent
based on your questions - here it is."

Thank you, oh heinous one, for making me look incompetent in order for you to look good, and as a result, making the entire team look sloppy and irresponsible.

Because if you has just FREAKIN ASKED, I would have let you know that I CAN HANDLE MY OWN SHIT LIKE THE GROWN UP I ACTUALLY AM, bitch.