Monday, January 05, 2004

Schmoolies says hi

This year, my cat has resolved to be less neurotic and a little more social.

She has sworn off chicken- flavored fatty treats, and will incorporate more fiber into her diet.

She will be better about the cat litter all over the floor issue.

She will no longer respond to Purry, Furry, Purry McFurry, Smoochy face or Princess Furry Face. Schmool, Schmoolies, and Schmooly-O's will henceforth be her name(s).

She resolves to reply more honestly when people ask about her life, with less hissing and swiping with claws overall.

She makes no guarantees about getting more excersize, but will make an attempt to play with all balls of yarn should any happen to appear in the house.

She promises to let people other than me see how nice she is now.