Tuesday, January 13, 2004


So, I gave up on the comments box because I never got any.

However, I just can't stand the idea that someone out there really needs to tell me something important about how wonderful I am! So I added an email link.

Yesterday I bitched about my co-workers on my blog.

Today I come to find an email letting me know that I am stupid enough to bitch about my co-workers on my blog.

Because this person is a co-worker

Now, if you are a co-worker of mine, then you would know me. And knowing me means that you would know my sense of humor. And if you knew me and read this blog at the same time, you would know that everything I write is complete bullshit, because I'm the kinda person who goes for the cheap laugh. And knowing me and my bullshit tendencies, you wouldn't even have bothered to send me an email, because hey- its all bullshit!

Also, being that this is not the first time I've bitched about work, where the hell have you been? You could have been scaring the shit out of me for TWO YEARS now, leaving comments in the comment box that I got rid of because no one used it.

So- to all my co-workers everywhere, to everyone who has ever met me, to the entire world- nothing on this blog has anything to do with anyone else but me. Hence the name of the blog.

Next time, just walk down the hall and say something. Don't bother with the emails.