Thursday, February 12, 2004


Excuse me while I get a little political-

The other day, while watching MTV, I saw a quick little plug for the "Rock the Vote" deal wherein some young hipster asked General Clark if he knew how to define 'metrosexual.'

Obviously, in the coming election, and perhaps for the rest of time, the plight of men who chose to moisturize will be the dominant issue facing our society. Should healthcare cover pedicures? Do those Navy boys know to treat under-eye circles with cucumbers? HAS ANYONE BANNED TWO IN ONE SHAMPOOS YET?

"Quick, metrosexuals are being patronized on some no account blog! Someone form a union! Let's march on DC!"

Dry, flaky skin? Not with Kerry in the White House!

Vote Bush if you want to put an end to the secret horror of hang-nails and flat hair!

Edwards for Antioxidants!