Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Rojk n Rull

I am in Amsterdam RIGHT NOW.

It cost me 6 Euros to get 30 minutes on the internet. I really don'tknow if that is a bargain or not, and I don't really care either. This is the first time I have touched a computer since last week, when I left for Sweden.

Interesting factoids-

1. Not just Americans are dumb to escalator ettiquette. I was stuck behind some dumbass European who decided to chill out on the left hand side, which is known internationally as "Das Express Lane"

2. Soup made from green peas and string beans is not good.

3. I have no desire to eat herring, not matter how Swedish I feel.

4. There is a very large market for sci fi/ fantasy geeks medieval jewelry and artifacts type crap that you typically waste all your money on at the Ren Fest in Stockholm.

5. I very much need a tee shirt that proclaims my viking-ness

6.Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is the coolest place in the world. They have a casino! And smoking sections!