Friday, April 23, 2004

You're my Pharmacist

Yesterday, my Pharmacist hit on me. He gave me the extra smiles, the droopy eye thing, and even mentioned twice how he was getting off of work soon.

But dude, you're my pharmacist.

Yeah, he was cute, and spoke relatively good english, and its the first time I have been hit on in quite some time so for a second there I was seriously considering some hot CVS action...

But he's my fucking pharmacist. Its kinda like dating your Gyno- which is just the grossest idea ever.

Since it really had been so long, I double checked my judgement call. Should I have at least given it a try? I thought, well he could just look me up and call me.

"So, I just happen to have some left over Xanax I brought home from work today. Wanna go out to dinner?"