Wednesday, June 16, 2004

the future

So, I'm taking the GREs this weekend. Yesterday I took a quick practice test and I got two out of twenty wrong on the verbal! Yay! I got nine wrong on the math section, but since I'm really terrible at math (apparently), I'm going to assume that's an 80% and feel good about myself.

The GRE is one fucked up test. Nothing about it has anything to do with what you know or think you know. The whole test is simply a measurement of how well you can reflect the bourgeois paradigm inherent to the test itself. In other words, can you trick THE MAN into thinking that you are under his control and not a part of the Secret Society of Revolutionaries Against Robotism (SSRAR)? Because if you can, you pass. And if you can't, then you ain't going to grad school, and if you ain't going to grad school, you're up shit creek. No one who is anyone didn't not go to grad school... wait- anyone who isn't no one went to grad school and you didn't so... eh, fuck it.

Yup, I'm headed for Grad School. I am planning on getting my Master's of Library Science and also my Master's of History, at the same time. That way I can be a librarian and have a job, while also holding firm to my liberal arts values (which cost my parents a lot of money) by pursuing the completely irrevalent study of history that typically leads to joblessness, spending the rest of your life in publish-or-perish hell, I mean, as a university professor.

I didn't want to mention my master plan because I haven't told anyone at work. Your wondering, "Center, can't you keep your job and go to grad school?" Well sure you can- but its a little bit harder when you're planning on going to grad school in Washington, DC and your job is in Boston, MA.

Can you guess what that means, kiddies?

I'm quitting! Yay for quitting! I'm still debating about my quitting speech, "its really been a pleasure working with all of you and learning so much" or "suck this, bitches! I'm out this piece!"

I've had this plan in my head ever since the Carpal Tunnel Incident. This whole time, I have been waiting for the thing, the life event, if you will, that would push me onto my next path. CTS smacked me in the face and said "dumb bitch, move on already." So I am. The GREs are one step in the new road ahead of me.

Life is a highway, and I'm gonna ride it all night long.