Friday, June 11, 2004

Miscellaneous mania

Things you learn when its really fucking hot outside:
1. Its hard to sleep

Thing you learn while walking around in Harvard Square:
1. Dansko's are great shoes, except when walking on old cobblestoney streets. Then they turn under and cause you to almost snap your ankle in two.
2. Tourists don't care if its a great book shop, they just want to know if they can get their Harvard sweatshirts there. Yeah, you're fucking welcome, lady.

Things you do when its really fucking hot outside and you almost broke your ankle a few times while giving directions to asshole tourists:
1. Go home and drink Bud Lite.
2. Drink another, even though its getting close to bed time.
3. Sure, you can pass out drunk just this once. Lite me!

Things that really piss you off after a week of no sleep, twisted ankles, morning hangovers and tourists:
1. Watching suburbanites who only came into the city to see the game ride the bus back to their big ass houses and lawns and don't get up and give their seats to the old guy who is drooling and mumbling to himself, standing RIGHT in front of them, with a very visible and obvious tremor. Show some respect and get up off your tapered Lands End jean-wearing butt and let the poor guy sit down. You're whats wrong with America today.

Things you do in work on Friday after this kinda week:
1. Ab-so-lutely fucking nothing.