Friday, June 04, 2004

take this job and..


Its one thing when I am a victim of this stupid job and the craptastic crap that comes along with it. Its quite another when I realize that the latest workplace stupidity is partly my fault. The feelings of righteous anger that I normally employ to get me through the week just aren't employable now. Instead, I have to suck it up and maybe even apologize for something.


Long story short, I called in sick on Friday, didn't get around to checking up on something like I should have on Monday, and come Tuesday morning, someone on the team is inconvenienced and bitches at me for it. Of course, there were a few things that she forgot to do before the bitchfest- like ask me what happened or plug in the stupid battery. If she had asked and not jumped straight to bitching, I could have easily told her about how our demented new boss took up all my time on Monday with crap work, making it even harder to get through my huge daily pile of shit as well.

Being somewhat disabled also means I have limited time and, having just been on disability for two months, in the limited time I do have, I have 5,000 things to catch up on. In that sense, the complainer is a dumbass AND a bit of an asshole for 1. not giving me the benefit of the doubt and 2. for not plugging in the fucking battery like a big girl.

However, I KNOW that, thanks carpal fucking tunnel!, I can't do as much and I now get to do much less in the same amount of time as I did everything before. This is where I should be employing "time management". Obviously, I dropped the ball and she paid for it. My bad.

I hate it. HATE IT. Because in my world, I'm right and all of you are wrong wrong wrong. Of course, deep down I know that, more than half the time, I'm usually wrong, but I really can't dwell on that too much or I'll get depressed again. Frankly, I'm not in the mood to have to go back and rearrange all of my medications if instead I can be pleasantly in denial about myself. Yay denial!

Oh speaking of gross, someone in the office used SPRAY BUTTER on her muffin this morning. Seriously, she spritzed. Gee-ARE-Ohss. Its all about the Brummel & Brown lady, if you have to spritz a butter-like product on your food, you've gone too far.