Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Townies rule!

I recently purchased a lovely hand-made Hawaiian quilt (did you know that Hawaiians quilt?) from a store in Hawaii that offers online shopping. I wanted to give something cool to my Hawaiian-born friend who just graduated, making me a little embarassed to be 24 and without a real career.

They didn't have a gift wrap option, so I sent a quick email to the support staff asking them to please not include any billing information in the package. Obviously, she has just spent the last 2 years in school, getting her Master's, so she has no money, unlike me, who lives in the real world and works for a living, but I don't want to be tacky and let her know just how expensive that quilt was (plus my parents actually paid for it).

Sunday afternoon, I'm sitting around per usual, and I get a call. Its from Hawaii! Its a dude who works at the online store and he's just calling to make sure that I know that my friend is going to be getting a package that has absolutely no reference to me or my name and she's gonna have to sign for this, you know? And what if she doesn't want to accept some big box with no name on it and then doesn't get your present, you know? Have you told her that you are sending her a gift?

I was speechless.

"yes, uh, ha ha, I'll tell her, thanks so much!"

Who does that?! No really, WHO DOES THAT, like, EVER? Not anyone I know. In fact, I've been struggling with one of our vendors all week, because they sent an invoice to "Big Money University (where I work) and did not think that maybe there is more than one office here at this very large, very expensive, very well known school. So when this invoice never got paid, because duh, we never received it, they put us in collections! When I called them and said "hey guess what, sending an invoice labeled "Big Money U" means that invoice will rot in some dusty corner of the post office reserved for mail that is sent by stupid fatheads like you" they actually kinda refused to change the name on the account. I had to call a whole different number and talk to completely different people in order to put the correct name on an account that is in collections because it is past due.

And then I told my roommate about the rube from bumblefuck Hawaii who called me directly to offer his help and we laughed at his naivete because we are jaded yet painfully hip urbanites.