Monday, June 21, 2004

the weekend update:

I failed the GREs. FAILED. Miserable failure!

I still went ahead a quit my job today. Well, I told the people on my team that I am leaving, but nicely enough, the boss-lady ain't in so I don't have to deal with that until tomorrow. And I'm still applying to the Library Science program, but I think I am dropping the History idea (they want GREs, LS doesn't care about them).


I'm retarded.

Ok ok ok, I'm not retarded. I just feel kinda asshole-ish because I have been reading Vin Diesel Fan Fiction AND I failed the GREs. But I really really really love Vin Diesel. I love him. I do. I don't care that his head looks like a penis. He is my soul mate. Apparently, he is all of these people's soul mates too, but I'm the one with the best shot.

Its very embarrassing to be reading fan fiction. People who write fan fiction are losers, obviously, losers who obsess over some fictional star or character until it takes over their lives and they have to write stories about it. I, however, am even more of a loser, for being judgmental and still reading it. What can I say- I googled Vin, I got curious, I got hooked. Just like Marijuana, Vin Diesel is a gateway drug.

When I saw my preliminary score, I think I actually gasped. Gasp! And when I got outside, I didn't know what to do so I just stood there, in front of the Sylvan Center. Do I cry? Do I call the Analyst and cry on the phone? Do I call my parents and have them tell me how disappointed they are in their stupid stupid daughter? No. I did none of these things. Instead, I texted the Analyst, cursed my parents for always leaving their cell phones off (what is the POINT of a cell phone that is always OFF?!?!) and went for a burrito with Mr. Cranky Pants. I refused to cry just on principle.

Then I went home and stared dumbly at the tv, while thinking of how I could be laying in bed staring dumbly at episodes of stolen anime on my computer.