Friday, September 03, 2004

I made a friend!

I really did!

Librarian Boy is funny, but not as funny as me. During our ride home on the metro, he referenced early protestant literature, the Smiths, and laughed at all my jokes, but not in an obnoxious way. Then he said that Gaithersburg is cooler than Rockville. None of you have any idea what that means but I had to throw down, right there on the Metro. Rockville represent!

Rockville is the place that someone from New Jersey comes to and says, "Jesus, I have never seen so many strip malls." All of our restaurants are national chains. People who leave their babies in cars-- even to just to get a bottle of milk from 7-11-- will be fined $500 and forced to take a childcare class.

Gaithersburg is where this guy Joe lived. In 1994, he was a sophmore, me a freshman. He had long hair and a raging drug addiction. He told me that no one loved him and he should just die. I said, I love you, Joe. And he said, yeah, well, you do, okay, but.. I told him to stop manipulating me and he said he didn't know what that word meant. Then he fell in love with Jessica, who I was best friends forever with in middle school. We grew apart when she went to a different high school and started shooting heroin.

Just kidding mom!

So anyways, I gave LB my email since he lives out in the boonies like me and we have a class that doesn't get out til 9:30. I said I was gonna look into this whole "driving into the city" thing and maybe if it worked out, I would give him a ride. He said that would be awesome and he would buy me ice cream!

In other news, I FINALLY have a hot professor. Four years in Boston and none of them were at all appealing. I'm entertaining the idea of having a grad student- advisor affair.

HA HA just kidding again, mom!!