Tuesday, September 07, 2004

the kids are aiight

I have long held that youngsters are more prone to trouble in the suburbs then they are in the city. Growing up, I was never allowed to go to DC by myself- I would get shot, carjacked, cult-napped and mugged for my sneakers within 5 minutes if I did. Strangely enough, I never really wanted to go to DC anyways- even after my parents forbade it.

And now to further prove my point (and not mess it up by talking about under age drinking shenanigans in Boston freshman year) I will admit to the inter-world that I have been drunk for 3 out of the past 5 days.

Friday night? Beer. Saturday? Beer. Sunday? Hung-over. Monday? Beer. Today? So far, nothing- but the night is young.

Friday night I went out with an old friend from high school, who invited me to a party at his friend's house. Saturday night, me and the same friend went out to dinner and a movie, and then capped the night off drinking- you guessed it- beer. Sunday I stayed away from him and met up with Southern Belle in DC for mexican food and junk yard shopping. Monday night, he called and said one of his friends was turning twenty-one and would I like to come meet them at the bar? Sure did! And I got drunk again.

So- the moral? I heart suburban beer.

Mmm, beer is sooo good. If only I also hadn't seen one of these dudes puke it up later. Posted by Hello