Friday, September 10, 2004

oh crap

So, somehow, I am now the Communications Officer for the local student chapter of the Techy Geeks Library Association, TGLA (not its actually name, please don't waste your time googling it).

I myself am not actually sure how this happened.

One moment I'm sitting in the first general meeting and the next I nominate myself for the position. I'm proud to say I was voted in unanimously.

Of course, no one else wanted to do it, so they all effing voted for me.

Of the entire group of people (7), no one, and I mean NO ONE, served in the local chapter before last night. Other than the sponsoring Professor, none of us really knew what the whole thing was about. When it came time to nominate and vote, suddenly the floor was the totally awesomest place to stare, quickly followed by the ceiling, and all of our arms and mouths mysteriously fell off. The professor was literally, "Anybody? Bueller? Anybody?"

Then a tumbleweed rolled by.

One person actually nominated someone else, her friend, for Chairperson, which I thought was a little fucked up. But that girl ended up as Secretary, so what goes around comes around, kiddies. The Prof asked the Chair nominee if she could tell us why she should be the new Chair and she said, "well, I wasn't really planning on being the Chair, so I don't know."

We voted unanimously for her too.

When the Prof said the Comm Officer (lingo!) was going to redesign the website, I thought- 'well, Center, you've done it before, and it was hell learning those skills so maybe you shouldn't forget them like you did Spanish and math and all the other shit you spent your entire youth trying to learn and then promptly forgot over beer one night in college.'

And then she mentioned how good it would look on a resume and I said "Oh ME, me, me! Vote ME!"

No, actually I said, "I guess I could do it, if that's alright with everyone else."

And they said yes, unanimously.

Two weeks at stupid library school and suddenly I'm a joiner. Fuck if I'm ever going to be a team player though, I'll draw that line in the sand right now.