Wednesday, September 29, 2004

thou shalt not procrastinate, or it's thy ass, sayeth the lord

I haven't really stayed on top of this "grad school" thing. Oh, I've been going to classes, but I'm way slack on the homework. And by "slack," I mean "not at all."

And by "not at all," I mean "too hungover to even try."

So God decided to teach me a little lesson about going to bed at reasonable times, even on the weekend (6 AM Sunday morning is apparently not all reasonable). He has struck me down with a sore throat/ body ache/ general malaise kind of thing. Stupid God, don't you realize that making me sick means I won't be doing my homework any more then when I was hungover? I can't go to work, I sleep all day, the assignment I meant to do today is pushed to my three hour break between work and class tomorrow, and there is no way I can get the project done by 4 PM Friday so I'm going to have to turn it in late! What kind of lesson is this?!

Oh wait.. I get it. How very old testament of you, God.