Sunday, October 10, 2004

gold star me, bitch!

Whoa, time flies when you commute two hours a day to go to school where someone actually called themselves a "ly-bare-ian".

Its been a good month. I think, if I was still stuck in human resources hell, and had to do a little "end of the month review", I'd be all, "Give me a fucking raise beetches cuz I rocked your shit! Skeet skeet!"

Last night, I went out dancing and purposefully got my friend's brother drunk because they were facing off in a championship hockey match this morning. (What can I say, I'm a fan of one of them, and I play dirty).

Wednesday, I wrote two papers in twelve hours. That's a total of 17 double spaced pages. That's 1.4166666666667 pages an hour, which actually seems really fucking slow, but you give it a try, jackass.

I ate a slice of pizza bigger than my head and my head is pretty fucking big.

I got drunk three out of four weekends.

I drove on the highway, by myself, a whole shitload of times. This is big. I've had my license for 6 years or so and only ever been on the highway by myself ONCE. Altogether, I did highways maybe 4 times, and always with a parent in the car. Now, I'm a highway fucking maniac! Watch out for my lead foot, asshole! I'll pass ya on the left, I'm so fucking hot!

I just worked 30 hours, made 200 bucks, and love my job more then the two years I made 36K a year.

I've decided that neither school libraries or public libraries are for me. I'm thinking special collections, academic reference (tiered, of course), or archives. And I actually know what the fuck I'm talking about when I say that.